Sherle Wagner
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Sherle Wagner played a key role in the transformation of 15 Union Square West. This New York City landmark was recently restored as a luxury apartment building that’s a monument to cosmopolitan style in its own right. Acclaimed designer Vicente Wolf was hired to transform the 36 private residences into something unique. He called upon Sherle Wagner to help him create inviting bathrooms that also served as architectural showpieces.

Vicente Wolf recognized that Sherle Wagner’s legacy of quality and design and our attention to detail and responsiveness were exactly what was needed to bring the project to life. The process started with Wolf sitting down with us to look through our line of contemporary products. He used them as a launching point for his own ideas, discussing various possibilities with Sherle Wagner’s expert team of designers and engineers.

The creative process was a joint effort. Sherle Wagner understood Wolf’s eclectic-but-contemporary aesthetic and allowed him complete freedom at every step. His ideas began as a series of inspirational images, pencil sketches, and two-dimensional line drawings. Once the rough concepts were agreed upon, Sherle Wagner worked to translate these ideas into reality.

Our team generated digital three-dimensional models of the various products. They discussed with Wolf what was feasible from an engineering perspective and presented other options where necessary. Details were continually tweaked throughout the initial stage of the process, giving Vicente Wolf maximum flexibility to refine his concepts.

Consequently, Union Square West’s bathrooms are a pure example of a designer-driven process. The design swiftly evolved from rough sketches to the installation of a series of prototypes. By understanding Vicente Wolf’s vision, Sherle Wagner was able to manifest his ideas for bath and shower fixtures into functioning works of art, all while maintaining the desired price point.