Sherle Wagner
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The crown jewel of the product line is the free-standing shower column. This item is unique within the industry. It features two different rotating and adjustable arms, temperature control, dual custom showerheads, and a hand shower.

This engineering marvel pumps the water from below, eliminating the need to run pipes behind a wall. All the plumbing parts are contained in one tube, requiring a set of controls to be designed specifically for this product. The movable arms allow bathers to direct the water flow – in multiple directions simultaneously – at their leisure.

There were numerous problems to troubleshoot. Union Square West is an historic building, so the column had to interface with the existing mechanical structures to bring the water up. The parts of the column needed to be kept out of sight but still be easy to service. The floor of the bathroom featured a waterproof membrane and the column had to be integrated without compromising that material.

The large free-standing shower column was installed in a relatively small bath area. Sherle Wagner’s team carefully calculated the various spray patterns and the functional arrangement of the shower heads. It was important that the column was not only an aesthetic wonder, but that it delivered an exceptional bathing experience as well.