Sherle Wagner
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The Architectural series is inspired by the pure structural lines and geometric shapes found in great architecture. Sherle Wagner’s passion for art and architecture led us to draw on essential forms known for their elegance and simplicity. The resulting designs are both cutting-edge and commercially viable, a portfolio of contemporary products perfectly suited for metropolitan living.

The Architectural designs embody the elemental. These fixtures feature simple geometric shapes and planes, along with key architectural forms such as the parabola, the pyramid, and the arch. Architectural also mimics natural shapes, such as the structure of the garden bower and the curves of meandering streams. Some of the products blend intriguing combinations of these shapes. They are sculptural marvels of morphing lines, evoking an intricate geometric dance between hard edges and sinuous curves.

A natural evolution of our brand, the Architectural line distills Sherle Wagner’s classic designs to their elemental essence. With products ranging from stark sleekness to subtle intrigue, Architectural is the embodiment of metropolitan chic. It forms a confident transition between tradition and modernity, using the familiar to create something new.